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Eco Friendly Handmade Papers India

Embossed Paper, Cut work Paper,
Metal Embossing Paper, Leaf Imprint Paper

Eco Friendly Papers India Eco Friendly Papers India
Eco Friendly Papers India

Handmade paper has now been developed to give many different kinds of textures and finish, rendering it a very different look.

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Embossed Paper

Flowers embossed on Petal Paper Red Heart embossing on Red

Velvet Embossed Paper / Velvet Embossing
Velvet Dots on Red Velvet Flower design on Biege

Cutwork Papers
Biege Color Cutwork Paper Blue Color Cutwork Paper

Metal Embossing
Stars embossed on Silk Paper Metallic Design embossed on Silk Paper

Leaf Imprint Papers
Single Leaf Imprint Two Leaf Imprint
Maple Leaf Imprint

These Sheets are available in the size 22" x 30".
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